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Board of Trustees



Chair, Maurice Johnson Jr.

Vice Chair, Marisa Harriston

Secretary, Melanie McGhee

Treasurer, Joyce Segarra


Lynn Hughes

Interim Director (non-voting)

Bruno Falcon

Chair Emeritus


Board Members

Binta Ceesay 

Jennifer Thomas

Kim Sheftall Humphries

Lydia Ndiba

Matt Dumas 

Rejjia Camphor

Susan Matubia

The Action Youth Media (Youth Media) Board meets the second Tuesday of every month at 7:30pm

IRS form 990s are available for free on

Link to Annual Report here

Link to 5-year strategic plan here

Contact Lynn Hughes at to request details on Board service or to request to volunteer on a Committee.


Become an
Action Youth Media Board Member

Priority Need: Financial Professionals

We are especially focused on adding at least one new Board Member with financial or accounting experience to serve as the Board Treasurer responsible to review our budget and audit prepared by the Executive Director with help from outside professionals.

Does this describe you? Email us

Priorities For Our Board Search

We are seeking leaders to help us build relationships with and for families who need the most support - to help us improve the quality and depth of our programs, increase the number of programs, and provide the wrap-around support that middle and high school students need to thrive. Consider connecting with us if you are a community leader, have some experience in media or youth development, or may be qualified to represent the underserved families and communities in this region. If there are other ways that you could contribute to the leadership of Action Youth Media, we’d love to talk. 

Board Activities 

Our Board is a friendly and involved group of community members interested in social justice and youth development. The Board actively supports the success of our Executive Director and the Program Manager. In addition to the monthly Board meetings, each Board Member serves on a committee and hosts or participates in various organizational events to move our Strategic Plan forward. Our board members provide valuable perspectives, expertise, and experience to help the organization best welcome and serve youth in under-represented families.

Nominate a Board Candidate 

We encourage any community member or local professional, student, parent, teacher, or program alumni to nominate a candidate, or to self-nominate by emailing the Nominating Committee. Please include the full name of the nominee, brief information about why the nominee would be a good candidate to help lead Youth Media, and, if permitted by the nominee, contact details for the nominee and the person nominating. Youth Media will be in touch with next steps.

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