Requirements and fAQs

When and where will the festival be held?

The 2022 Montgomery County Youth Media Festival will take place at 900 Wayne Ave, in the Levine School theater on the 2nd floor. Proof of vaccination, N95 or double surgical mask, and entrance questionnaire will be required for all staff, guests, performers, and contestants at the event.  Vaccination is required for age 5 and up.  (This is required by the venue.) 

April 23, 6pm to 7:30pm 

900 Wayne Ave (2nd floor)

Silver Spring, MD

Who can participate?

Middle and high school students from across the DC/MD/VA region are invited to participate in the competition. 

How can I submit my artwork or video? 

You can submit your piece digitally via Dropbox.  You will need to submit photographs of the front, sides, and back of fine arts pieces. For photographs, specs of the camera equipment used, location, date, and time must be provided, as well as a high resolution jpg or png of the image. Photos featuring people in an enclosed environment have media release attached.


For all submissions, you will need to submit digital files that can be used for official presentation online.  

What can I submit?

Choose your theme:

a social justice issue or

a portrait (personal, another person, a culture, or a community) 

Media to choose:

Documentary short film, photography, fine art, or graphic design  (sorry, no sculpture this year)

All submissions must have been produced after July 1, 2020. Media created before July 2020 will not be accepted. 

What if I need help with my project before it's completed? 

GB Youth Media provides free workshops, classes, and assistance to youth artists at our Studio in downtown Silver Spring.  Sign up to use the Studio or ask questions. Go to the Home page of to register. 

I made ten videos that I would like to screen. Can I submit them all?

Unfortunately individuals can only submit one video. 

How many visual art pieces can I submit?

Individuals can submit only one piece of fine art, graphic design, or photography. 


How long can the video be?

Minimum length for video is 30 seconds.

The maximum length for video is 4 minutes.


When will I hear back about my submissions?

Participants will be notified of acceptance around the second week of April 2022. If you are concerned that you haven’t heard from us, please contact Anna and Shereka at

Are there any prizes?

Yes! There will be 1st Place and 2nd Place in each category, determined by our panel of judges.

Each prize is a cash amount on a gift card. 


If you have additional questions, please contact us at .

Do I get to exhibit or screen my submission during the Festival? 

Yes, finalists are chosen to be exhibited during our May 2023 exhibition in the Silver Spring area.

A limited number of finalists will be screened at the Festival itself on April 23.

Good Luck!