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Crowd with Masks

  media ARTS activities will be In person in 2022

Slow the Spread: Mask Up
Double or triple-layer masks are required in GBYM activities.

Vaccination is strongly encouraged. 
GBYM has an air purifier, upgraded HVAC filters, and frequent air circulation.
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What to expect

  • Attend weekly media arts clubs and workshops after school, to practice art, design, and filmmaking skills and social justice advocacy.

  • Be part of a team 

  • Relax and unwind with fellow volunteers 

  • Earn SSL hours 

  • Build your village

  • Receive a free laptop and headphones if you don't have them at home. 

  • LGBTQ+ friendly 

  • Wheelchair accessible

  • All staff are fully vaccinated 

Questions: Email Program Manager Shereka Mosley, at info@youthmediamd.org 

or text Director Anna MacLachlan at 301-664-4961. You can also email us to schedule a phone call. 

Requirements to join

  • Age 12 through 18 for clubs and in-person

  • Age 10 through 18 for online fine art classes

  • Online registration 

  • Parents must sign permission slips in person on first day or upload to Dropbox 

  • Media releases required for students who want to be featured in films. (Student and parent must sign)

  • Masks and social distancing are mandatory

Winter/Spring 2022 SCHEDULE (IN PERSON at Studio) 


January 10 through May 15

Studio Drop-In Hours: Mon through Thurs, 4pm to 7pm

Drop In to do homework, work on an art project, read, or for a movie screening.   


January 10 through May 15

All clubs meet Monday through Thurs, 4:30pm to 6:30pm

Attend as much or as little as your schedule allows.


Film Club: (Interviews, PSAs, documentaries, and other short videos)

Communications Club: (Newsletter, website, and social media) 

Studio/IT Club: (Youth stewards of the studio including A/V equipment, art on the walls, and signage)

Clubs mentor will be Anna MacLachlan. 

Media arts workshops are being scheduled month by month for club participants, featuring guest teaching artists.

January 24 through April 8 

Drawing Class: Tuesdays 4pm to 5pm 

Students develops basic drawing skills and understanding of visual language through studio instruction/lecture. Introduces concepts such as proportion, space, perspective, tone and composition as applied to still life, landscape and the figure. Uses drawing media such as pencils, charcoal, ink wash and color media. The two-semester sequence in Drawing will provide lecture and studio instruction on the fundamentals, practices and related concepts of drawing.

Fundamentals of Art Class: Thursdays, 4pm to 5pm 

Fundamentals of Art focuses on the development of concepts and elements of art, thus on the compositional basics of line, form, value, color, texture, and spatial relationships. Art projects are oriented toward developing these fundamental artistic skills, understanding their application and exploring them through the use of various tools and materials.

Art teacher Shereka Mosley will teach this class via Zoom, but students can use our computer lab to participate. 

SCHEDULE of Special Guest Teaching Artists coming soon.