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Dear friends, neighbors,  

AYM is here for you. 

If you or someone you know needs help during this crisis, please contact us at or text us at 301-664-4961. 

We will refer you to the right people and information. You can also visit 

for more information about help you need. If you have questions about COVID-19 you can start by calling the County info line to speak to a live call center. Just call 311.  If you need to find a doctor, 311 can help you get connected with provider information and local clinics. #youarenotalone 

Warm wishes, The GBYM Team 

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Our Priorites and Values 

Young leadership: 

  • Making space for youth voices, listening to youth voices, lifting up youth voices, & promoting young leaders.



  • Coming together, sharing stories, listening to others’ stories, and healing and growing  together.


Healthy Earth, Healthy Humans: 

  • Reviving and protecting our natural world,  urban green space, & healthy lifestyles. 


Visual, Performing, and Media Arts:  

  • Powering youth to express their experiences and to build empathy.

Social Justice:

  • Valuing and protecting Black lives: ending white supremacy and anti-Black racism in our society’s public and private structures.

  • Valuing and protecting non-Black and indigenous  people of color.

  • Achieving and protecting Immigrant and refugee rights 

  • Helping families regardless of their legal status. 

  • Ending generations of dehumanizing immigrants and refugees 

  • Achieving and protecting LGBTQ+ rights including access to healthcare

  • Achieving and protecting women’s rights including women’s access to healthcare.

  • Achieving and protecting rights of all regardless of physical or mental ability.  

  • Fighting anti-disabled policies. 

  • Acknowledging that we do not know what we do not know. Always learning. 

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