All GB Youth Media classes are free. Registration is required. 

Check for current schedule: Fall 2022 and Spring 2023

MCPS students are eligible to request SSL hours for most classes.



Art: Drawing Portraits Workshop

In this two-part drawing workshop, student volunteers learn fundamental drawing skills, drawing techniques of Renaissance masters such as Michelangelo and DaVinci

Art: 'The Animal Inside You' Workshop

A fun and interactive experience for student volunteers to explore blind drawings, collages, sculptures, paintings, and jewelry making, focusing on our wild friends, the animals. 6 consecutive sessions

Film:  Self Discovery and Storytelling Class

Guides students through self-discovery activities to define their unique voices as filmmakers and define the role of a filmmaker in creating change within their communities. 

Film: Scriptwriting and Filming Class

Student create a short documentary film that focuses on local activists and artists as they explore a variety of social justice

topics. Students will gain research and digital media skills throughout the course.

ART: Drawing Class (Online)

Students develops basic drawing skills and understanding of visual language through studio instruction/lecture. Introduces concepts such as proportion, space, perspective, tone and composition as applied to still life, landscape and the figure. Uses drawing media such as pencils, charcoal, ink wash and color media. The two-semester sequence in Drawing will provide lecture and studio instruction on the fundamentals, practices and related concepts of drawing.

ART: Fundamentals of Art Class (Online)

Fundamentals of Art focuses on the development of concepts and elements of art, thus on the compositional basics of line, form, value, color, texture, and spatial relationships. Art projects are oriented toward developing these fundamental artistic skills, understanding their application and exploring them through the use of various tools and materials.

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